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With operations both domestically and abroad, India Post is a pioneering innovator in mail service that was founded about 1850, demonstrates why it is the greatest in the industry. When it comes to shipping packages and parcels in India, it is the market leader. There is an app for mobile devices. All customers can obtain registered post tracking of their articles by using this mobile app, which is available to users worldwide. Using the mobile app for Indian Postal Services, users may manage their accounts, addresses, and delivery information as well as track deliveries and follow the movement of their packages. Registered post is also known as registration.

A group with its headquarters in the Indian government includes the Department of Indian Postal Service. The most vital and highest quality of services offered by the Indian Post Office are registered post. The pride of India Post lies in their ability to meet the needs of the consumer. Customers may register with confidence because it is dependable, responsive, trustworthy, and cost-effective. It collaborates with a few big integrators, corner managers, and international operations. Departments of posts choose the best and most responsible modes of transportation for clients using this mixture. Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Cochin are where the company has offices, and there are employees all throughout the country of India. It made the decision to offer consumers the widest selection of highly effective, rapid service administrations that are both sound fiscally and solidly.

Registered post is one of the top businesses both in India and around the world is Indian Postal Service. It is well known for being an expert in domestic mail delivery. It wants to provide a comprehensive platform that can meet all of the needs of Indian users. The shipping methods used in this industry are well-known for being quick, dependable, and incredibly affordable. Building higher brand recognition and forging international connections are the major goals.

From successful delivery to warehousing to customs clearance, it offers a range of tailored solutions for logistical endeavours. With the help of this top-tier business, you may send cheaply and effectively to any location in India and abroad using the best courier service. Due to the company's excellent customer service and distinctive multi-product offering, its services are the best.

The Indian Postal Service provides international, categorical, domestic, express, freight, logistics, shop & ship, and catalogue services. the cargo or logistics sent by freight forwarding by air, sea, and land. Its fleet of contemporary trucks, equipped with GPS tracking capabilities, offers a more affordable alternative to flying for shorter distance cargo.

Following are the three express service kinds that Registered Post provides to its clients:

  • 1. Domestic Express offers a door-to-door, dependable service, next-day package delivery, picks up products from suppliers, accepts cash on delivery, and even refunds undelivered goods.
  • 2. India post is the exact place for export Express. To several locations in India, it delivers packages. For delivery of the packages to every corner of India, it gives a precise timing.
  • 3. Import Express - It provides a unique service for importing packages and only sends shipments to the designated recipient. Online tracking is available for both the sender and the recipient.

How to Track Registered Post

1575 billion pieces of mail are delivered annually by the Indian Postal Services Department. A total of 564701 letter boxes and 154149 post offices exists in India. The mobile app-based registered post tracking is Indian Post's key selling point. This function allows the user to keep track of the progress of both the article and the delivery at each stage. Listed below is the tracking process:

  • 1. The booking receipt has the registered post tracking information for the item, parcel, package, or consignment.
  • 2. The tracking number is identified by a special barcode with 13 digits.
  • 3. Press the "Enter" button after entering this barcode in the form. Your status will be provided.
  • 4. The SMS service is a contemporary function introduced by the Indian Post. Get your cell phone's status quickly by using this service.

registered post tracking

Registered Letter Tracking Number Format

Please make sure you use the right number format when tracking a package with India Post. As follows are the formats:

  • 1. ‘Registered Post‘ is in the format of ‘RX456123789IN’. And it is a ‘13’ digit tracking number.
  • 2. ‘Domestic EMS Speed Post’ is in the format of ‘EE789123456IN’. And it is a ‘13’ digit reference number.
  • 3. ‘International EMS Speed Post’ is in the format of ‘EE879546213XX’. And it is a ‘13’ digit tracking number.
  • 4. ‘Electronic Money Order’ is in the format of ‘654987321654987321’. And it is a ‘18’ digit reference number.
  • 5. ‘Express Parcel Post’ is in the format of ‘XX528639417XX’. And it is a ‘13’ digit tracking number.

Registered Post App Features

Below are the top characteristics of the registered post tracking app in India:

  • 1. Letter monitoring using registered post tracking feature.
  • 2. Visibility of the package
  • 3. In-app purchasing
  • 4. Delivery timetable
  • 5. Make a pickup time.
  • 6. Calculator for rates.
  • 7. Locator for offices

Registration Products and Services

The following list includes Registered Post's products and services:

  • 1. Options for eCommerce shopping or online shopping.
  • 2. Solutions for logistics.
  • 3. Solutions for small businesses.
  • 4. Solution hub for developers.
  • 5. Drop and Ship. Additionally, to shopping and shipping.
  • 6. Information management.
  • 7. Hazardous goods storage.
  • 8. Providing services for the storage of hazardous materials.

Registered Post Features

  • 1. It fulfils all of the requirements of clients travelling to various locations in India.
  • 2. Additionally, it meets all of the demands of clients in numerous locations throughout the world.
  • 3. The features of registered post are modern one.
  • 4. Dependable, quick, and door-to-door services.
  • 5. Delivery on schedule. time-sensitive deliveries of valuable or urgent packages.
  • 6. Gifts, bouquets, or greetings. And online registered post tracking of customer parcel.
  • 7. Long-term relationships with customers. customer service automation.
  • 8. Bulk shipping and large-scale courier mailing.
  • 9. Warehousing, sorting, stuffing, and packing as well as specialised logistics solutions.
  • 10. Info for the dispatch service. Printing, filling, and delivery are also included.

The world's largest postal system is the India Postal Service. In terms of logistics, registration post services are superior than other services. Customers are given registered post tracking services that are quick, dependable, offer value, and are reasonably priced. Finally, it is the logistics sector's market leader.

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