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Money Transfer

Money transfer has become an important notion for all the people around the world. There are so many transactions that we make every day and all of them are done electronically save a few. But normally these businesses need you to make the transaction and they have made it pretty simple for the customers to make payments via several means. But when it comes to transferring money to the people you know, things get a little difficult. This is mainly due to the fact that businesses take special measures to make the payment simple but normal people don't.

But fret not, we also give the service where you can make the money transfer with ease and ensure that the money reaches the person in no time. If you are registered with us completely, you would be able to make even the bigger transactions with ease and would not need to make a big deal out of it.

If there is someone who does not know how to use the fancy new applications on the phone, a money transfer that sends the money in his or her bank account is the best option you have and that is exactly the type of money transfer services we provide.

More than 500 Banks all over India, including all gramin banks of rural areas. 99.9% success ratio and 24 X 7 support are key features. Our charges on Money Transfer are very nominal and competetive.