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Since its establishment 150 years ago, the Department of Indian Postal service has grown gradually and reached every region of the country to build a vast network. Without this network, no one can contact the Indian postal department. Every Indian citizen's life is touched by this post about India at least once. The Indian Postal Service offers services that are genuinely cost-effective. These services help customers save time and money.

It opens around 1.5 lakh post offices in India in order to become the largest network. Serving people in rural areas where no one can access is India Post's primary goal. For this, it opens around 89.87% of post offices in rural areas. The primary services provided by the Department of India Post are mail delivery, money transfer, banking, insurance, and retail services.

On January 30, 2017, Ranchi and Raipur saw the debut of India Post Payment Bank. India's entire country is home to the major goal. To provide effective banking services to every Indian citizen is the India Post Payment Bank's primary goal. The savings balance in the India Post Payment Bank is currently up to one lakh. The IPPB seeks to offer current accounts, insurance, mutual funds, pensions, credit products, forex, and many other things.

We are aware that even a small amount of saving can often be put to good use. Therefore, IPPB performs well in this savings approach. The India Post Payment Bank has a reputation for providing reliable service, trustworthy banking, and a heart of people mentality.

India Post Mobile Banking Application

India Post's department of customer service has developed a mobile banking app for its esteemed clients. The primary goal is to save consumers' valuable time. Additionally, the user has the freedom to transact at anytime, anyplace.

  • 1. Phishing and other fraudulent activities are a serious problem for everyone nowadays. Know that India Post will never ask you for your MPIN, transaction password, user ID, or OTP (one time password).
  • 2. 18004252440 is the customer service number for India Post Mobile Banking. Please call this number if you need assistance with any problems or inquiries.
  • 3. The India Postal Service is asking users for insightful comments and recommendations.

india post mobile banking app

How to Activate Android Mobile Banking Application

  • 1. Remember to only download from the Google Play store when you first download the India Post mobile banking app.
  • 2. After downloading, launch the India Post Mobile Banking app, select "activate," and then use the app as usual.
  • 3. Then, input the security information that was issued to you by the department of posts.
  • 4. India Post sends you an SMS containing the Activation OTP to your registered mobile device.
  • 5. Now check your mobile phone's "Message" option for SMS messages.
  • 6. Now, in the "Message" option, enter the OTP to continue.
  • 7. Enter the four-digit MPIN of your choosing following application validation. The moment you enter, the mobile banking app will launch.
  • 8. Please enter both the new MPIN and your user ID to sign in to the mobile banking application.

India Post Payment Bank Features

  • 1. At your fingertips, comfort.
  • 2. Leading innovator in inclusive banking.
  • 3. Effectiveness of the banking system.

India Post Payment Bank Services

  • 1. For everyone, banking services.
  • 2. Safal, Saral, and Sugam are the three accounts. Saral is the basic savings bank deposit account and Sugam is the regular account.
  • 3. NEFT, IMPS, AEPS, UPI, and *99# are all domestic money transfer methods.
  • 4. The primary objective of this service, known as direct benefit transfer, is to transfer government subsidies from India to the bank accounts of Indian citizens.
  • 5. Aadhaar to Aadhaar money transfers, cash deposits, withdrawals, and balance inquiries are all possible through door-to-door banking.
  • 6. The IPPS is a bank for people. The information concerning the India Post mobile banking application is now known to us.

The India Post service has a human touch and is responsible, trustworthy, quick, and secure. Building an adaptable and scalable IT infrastructure to support operations is its key goal. Moreover, it should offer all of its clients the preferred, dependable, and trustworthy service. The India Postal Service is the government's link with the people.

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