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About Us

Company Profile

We are an online portal and provide multiple services to our clients. If you are looking for an easy, efficient and long term fix for your payments, documents and everything else, you can rely on us. Our services range widely. We provide a portal for applying for a driving license, Passport, Flight booking, Hotel booking, Bus booking, Birth and death certificate, Rbl Bank Account opening, Axis bank account opening, Kotak bank account opening, AEPS (aadhaar enable payment system), Recharge service, Recharge service, Money transfer, Pan Card and BBPS. All these facilities are required at one or other time in life and some are even required at regular intervals. This is why we have made this website, a one stop solution that would take care of all your needs and would not need you to scour the internet to reach the form you need. We are a privately owned company MJ DIGITAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED (CIN Ref. No. G89282446) based at Delhi. who wish to make the life of the people who come to our website easier. All the transactions will be done via secure means ensuring that nothing goes wrong with the transaction and all your details will be secured from any kind of breach making the entire experience fun for you and us..

Our Vision

The vision we have for this project is quite simple, to make it one of the biggest website portals where every Indian can come and have all the relevant information provided to them without any hassle. Another thing that we would like to achieve with this portal is the trust of the users. In the wake of recent events, people have become terrified of sharing personal details on the internet and that is something we deeply feel about. We would like to build that trust and wish you to know that we would not be sharing the information you provide us with anybody. Lastly, our motive is to provide you a portal that gives you everything you need and nothing else ensuring that you do not get confused by the excessive knowledge available on the internet. All in all, we wish to provide you with an unparalleled experience that would keep you happy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a single roof for the entire important form filling, recharging, and money related issues. Our vision is to provide a perfect place on the web for taking care of all your government documents and recharge needs. It is a portal for the people who wish to make their life easier in terms of time. If standing in long queues to pay a bill is not your thing then we have provided a place for you. If you do not wish to find a recharge shop near you which is normally crowded and consumes your time, you have this service. If you do not wish to go fetch documents from your home just to fill a form in an office, fail once or twice before you actually fill the entire form then you could use this service. Our mission is simple: make the life of the users convenient for the sake of convenience.